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Maiden Alberta

Hand Tied Feather Earrings & Jewelry

Nature & Fly-fishing inspired Jewelry

Everything is hand tied, just like a fishing lure
All pieces are 'Unique as the Maiden they don.'

"She took the Leap and built her Wings on the way down."-Kobi Yamada

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Owner Creator of Maiden Alberta


Maiden Alberta
Since 2020

Interested in showcasing your enthusiasm for your outdoor pursuits through your jewelry?

Maiden Alberta offers you, fly fishing and nature inspired

feather earrings and jewelry.

Each pair is hand tied like you would a fishing lure which makes every piece , unique as the Maiden they don.

All Gems are energetically cleaned and re charged.

All feathers are sourced from the best suppliers and often are discovered from adventures into the wild.

 All designs are hand tied, no glue or clamps involved, basically you could put a hook on them and catch a fish if the need arises!


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Maiden Tribe

Product Reviews


"I absolutely adore my new earrings from Maiden - Alberta. Tracy has an amazing talent at crafting these beautiful creations and I want to share how stunning they are and that I’ve gotten so many compliments. Got this girl feeling goooood!"

Amanda - Arbonne Consultant


Sapphire Jay earrings- Lengths can be adjusted and styled to whatever way suits your need.

Kyla Jean


"Love my New Boho Feather earrings handmade by Maiden Alberta. I love them !! So light! Beautifully made."

Jess - Prairie Soap Shack


"I love the hooks you use, I love that they fully close so I don't lose them."

Dawn - The BoHo Apothecary & Studio


"I am so in love with my Sapphire Jay earrings from Maiden Alberta!  Tracy's feather hand tied earrings are pieces of art. Thank you for these absolute beauties. I never want to take them off, and I'm so Proud to support such an amazing small business!"

Holly - Purple Finch Apparel


I fell in love with them, even more in person. Thank you!
They are so light and delicate.

With such pretty packaging.

Shawnna Marie

Rhonda k.jpg

"These beautiful earrings are extraordinarily created and unique kind of jewelry that is tied like you would tie a fly fishing lure. They feel as special to me as my favorite kantha bae pieces."

Rhonda Kuster

Anne lipe_edited.jpg

"Thank you so much, Tracy for the most beautiful earring. They are so intricate and beautifully mad, definitely one to hand down to my daughters and grand daughters. My blue ones have such a vintage look to it."

Anne Lipe

Carolina purple earring 2.jpg

"I instantly felt so relaxed as soon as I put these earrings on.
They are charged with Pure Loving Energy! Thank you so much Tracy"


Jennifer Davis.jpg

"These are so beautiful and unique"

Jennifer Davis


" I love them so much !!! Thanks for releasing them into the wild."

Ginette Brinkman- Creator of Mud to a Rock


" When I see a stunning offering from a sister where the love and intention can be felt, I want to share it with you...ALWAYS! Theses feather earrings from a beautiful sister in Canada are seriously so Beautiful."

Jennifer Lee


"They. Are. Spectacular.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart."



"..I'm really loving the pink and the symbolism."...." I absolutely Love them and the are So Beautiful"

Barb & Roger - Bronwood Copper Designs


I am all for supporting other local businesses'. I recently won these in a contest and they are so freaking gorgeous! Go give Maiden Alberta a follow! She has some really pretty items!

Jeanne - Imbued _enchantments

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