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Q & A

I strive to make the experience of shopping with Maiden as easy as possible, 

which is why I have taken the time to put together some of the most common questions.                 

Still have questions? 
Let me know, how I can best serve.

What’s the best way to care for the feathers?

  1. Store with your personal Sage bundle

  2. Hang from a vase or empty wine glass or earring stand.

  3. Spray with your favorite Aromatherapy Spritzer
    (I use native sweet sage from Mother Earth Essentials)
     I can make you up a personal aroma therapy spritzer as I am also a DoTerra wellness ambassador. 

If the Feather gets damaged in anyway Try These Action items (Before crying)

  1. ​Very hot water poured over the feathers into the sink, gently run fingers over the mid rib of feathers, until straight. 
    Hang dry.
    *Careful to not burn your fingers, *Nor pull to hard.

  2. Use your Hair straightener
    *** LOWEST setting, and lightly pull feathers through the plates

I have a Metal Allergy, can I choose a preferred metal for my earring hook?

YES, absolutely. 
I can cater any piece to be safely and securely wore by anyone with any need.
Send us a message prior to purchase so we can switch out hooks.
Choose from:

·         Surgical Stainless steel

·         Sterling Silver

·         14K Gold 

·         Plated Brass, Silver

·         Copper

Do you have a Custom Jewelry department?

Yes , send us a email message or a phone call, and we can easily start the process.

What payment options do you have?

YES, Few options for your comfort.
 Through the website shop
1) Stripe which is only credit card

2) Pay Pal.

In person -
1) Cash

2) Square Card reader - Debt or Credit

I do accept E-Transfers-
(Direct deposit is set up)

Please Send to:

Is there something we missed? Please get in touch so I can help you out.

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