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Peacock Feathers

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Peacock - Belongs to the Pheasant Family, which is native to Asia and the African Congo Basin. Revered by many cultures and time periods throughout history.

Interesting facts:

  • Peacocks are not born with fancy feathers. Their development process starts around the age of 3.

  • Only male peafowls have ornamental feathers and use there train of #feathers in mating rituals. A peacock can flaunt upwards as 200 feathers on its tail at a time.

  • Peacocks show off there beautiful feathers mostly in spring during mating season, afterwards they start to shed their train every year after mating has finished.

  • Largest of the flying Birds, despite their heavy weight and long trains, the peacock manages to fly, but they only cover short distances.

  • #Peacocks can also run at 16km/hr speed which is pretty fast other than terrestrial birds

  • They make the loudest most unpleasant screeching sound, have 11 different tones to indicate weather changes.

  • Peacocks are typically friendly and are quite the social animal. They can interact with humans and once domesticated they can indulge in various games such as chasing one around.

  • Very social animal, usually happiest in large groups of 8-10 birds.

  • when a peacock shakes its tail they make a low pitched sound that the human ear can not perceive

  • Peacocks have many cultural values Christianity- represents everlasting life Babylonians- Symbol of the guardians Hinduism - Goddess Saraswati National Bird of India

  • The circular spot on the tail symbolize the eyes of God.

  • Also stands for Knowledge, Kindness, and Compassion.

  • People also believe that the white peacock is a barrier of eternal happiness.

  • Spiritual meanings of a peacock showing up, can mean, you're about to experience a #vision that will greatly affect your life and the direction you're going in.

  • you're safe and protected, so there's no need to worry, now is time to feel safe in speaking your truth rather than holding back.

  • use you're #dignity and integrity, so make a point to walk your talk and hold your head up high. #Peacock #Feathers #Spritualbirds


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