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Spirit Wood-the Mobile

Spirit Wood-the Mobile

Spirit Wood - the mobile

Spirit wood is a collaboration collection project with a friend that is a quester, vagabond photographer /artist traveler the one the only-Yeti Mills.
He journeys along multiple shorelines of the Pacific Ocean and western Canada river valleys. He collects the driftwood from his varies travels and quests. Each piece has come from a story that is captured in his art Photography.

Feathers used in this piece are all local river valley finds from me on my journeys out on the water.
Various species can be in this design, such as Pheasant mantel feathers, turkey belly and wood cock nape feathers.

Gems are numerous and weighted just right to add glamour, shine and weight to balance out the scales of this mobile to spin freely. The gems you will find on this piece are Strawberry Quartz, Howlite, Turquoise, rainbow Fluorite.

Other natural elements have been added, shells, coconut and wood beads.
Two white and blue mini silk hand tied petal charms, that look like blue lotusflowers.

The whole piece is hung with a medium sized swivel barrel and total length is 16 inches from " hook' to tip.

It's very light weight and can easily be hung in various locations in your home, give me a message if you need help for hanging hook ideas.

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