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Heart Activating Adventures

One thing I could not have never imagined that when starting a business around my art/hobby of tying flies would ever lead to grand adventures and meeting the most heart centered women and even horses.

Equine Assisted Therapy horses
Stable Soul Health Equine Assisted Therapy- Bragg Creek

This day was such a special gift, it was the same day as Maiden Alberta first year anniversary in business'. I remember being asked by the equine therapist 'Why did you created this business?'. At the time I didn't have a clear definition or grounded answer. As the experience continued, with mindful observation, I witnessed the horses reflect back to me, my replies to the questions from the therapist.

I witnessed my hearts sharing of the creations forward, through the careful observations of the herd of horses in the meadow, it was truly remarkable, and healing on untold levels.

I began to realize that I want to share my artistic gifts and intuitive talents of finding and combining feathers and gems in a respectful, creative fashion that will give strength to the feather and to empower the woman that wears them, hence my slogan "Unique as the maiden they don"; cause no two feathers, nor no two gems are the same and neither is the woman that wears them.

Meeting these horses was the perfect introduction to the unknown adventures of being in business. This has taken years for me to reflect upon this potent healing and I'm only just grazing the surface of what this day has taught me. However I am forever grateful to the teachings and support of these beautiful creatures.

The biggest take away of this meeting of the horses has prepared me for staying in my heart, grounding my feet and to allow my wings unfurl, one loving step at a time.

Thank you , Cori Everett of Soul Health & Fitness, Stable Soul Health and Shoot for the Moon Yoga Therapy to unlock the doors to this new understanding and deep healing and I will be forever grateful for the guidance and friendship. #StableSoulHeath #EquineAssistedTherapy #Shoot4_the_moon #SoulHealthFitness #MaidenAlberta

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