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Cleansing and Storing Feathers

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

When feathers are discovered and then collected from nature, it is best practice to maintain that connection by honoring your feathers by keeping nature near by it. In this blog I share a couple of practices' I use to keep feathers I use at there most optimum quality.

Smudge smoke bowl
Personal Smoke Bundle

Weekly Smoke Clearing

Each week I honor my feather designs and feather collection with a smoke ceremony. Using my personal healing staff or wand of feathers to wave the clearing and healing smoke over the feathers, imagining great wings to surround the feathers and the future owner with hopes of balance and smooth out there energy. I typically use White sage, then followed by prayers of Sweet Grass and/or Palo Santo wood. Some days its a grand mixture of Sage, Juniper, Sandalwood, Frankincense and Myrrh resins, Lavender, Rose petals.

Storing the feathers

Grouse feather storage of a wing with Sage
Storage of a Grouse feather wing

All the feathers that I create with have been prepared and stored in White sage, this keeps the feathers energetic blueprint clean and strong. The white sage is known to be an antifungal/ anti bacterial , and keeps the feathers strong and pests way from the collection. And it helps with deodorizing the feathers if there is lingering decay from the act of collecting or purchasing. Every feather is prepared and touched by sage in someway throughout the process. While tying the feathers I use sage aromatherapy spritzer (without witch hazel, because of its acidity and drying properties) This helps the feather be clean and more supple while it is being tied down into its cluster.

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