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Hat Accessories

Personalize your favorite Hat

Feather Hat Pins

Classically Hand tied

Hand tied feather clusters tied on to a stainless steal hat pin.
 Often paired with various special and energetically charged gems and design specific charms, all the create the most stunning personalized feather hat pin for any style hat.

Hat Bands

Hand styled

All designed, styled and sewn right here in studio for you to style up and personalize your favorite brim styled hat. Using various textiles, denim, lace, vintage notions,  twine, softest deer leather.
Canadian tanned and dyed deer leather from indigenous supplier in Quebec.

Beaded Brooch

Collaboration with Secret Life of Beads

Secret Life of Beads artist Kristy Janvier (Whispering Eagle Woman) is generationally taught by her sister and grandmother in the artful traditions of Dene Indigenous beaded art patterns into eye catching brooches.

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