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Petals & Gems

Hand Tied Silk Flowers

Petal  & Gem Earrings

Hand tied silk fabric specially layered and tied to create a miniature flower petal, combined with gems, beads, and feather details. Paired with Special gem charms to create sparkle and flair to the design.

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Friendship Flower Charm

Specially Hand tied flower charms. Finished off with a lobster clip able to add to any friendship bracelet, or accessory such as a purse or key chain to share with your loved ones.

Buy three or more for a bulk discount.

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Petal & Feather Earrings

Hand Tied Silk Petals with a feather cluster to accompany, best of both unique items Maiden Alberta offers.

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Silk Flower Accessories

Clusters of the hand tied Silk flower petals combined into various designs.
-Hair Barrettes

-Hair Clips
-Head Bands

-Hat Pins

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