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Fly Fishing the Elbow River- Autumn

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Autumn fly fishing in Alberta is my favorite time to head out, there is something about the crisp air and hot flashy golden colors juxiposted against the blue waters, nothing short of magnificent. And the fishing is spectacular

Elbow River Autumn
Imagine of Elbow River, part of CobbleFlats, Elbow Valley, Kananaskis Alberta

Alberta protected Bull Trout spawning season

Only trouble with autumn fishing is that its the Bull trout spawning season, which can present as a serious problem, if your Catch and release skills are not TOP notch, or know what your looking for in spawning habitat I would recommend not heading out.

Bull Trout ID Tip:

NO black spots on the Dorsal Fin "No Black- Put it back" #ElbowRivervalley winds through the Mountain valleys of the Kananaskis, North of BlueRock wildland. Through Bragg Creek , Redwood Meadow and the Tsuu T'na Nation land toward Calgary and to finally join the #BowRiver. Its the perfect distance to travel to 'get away' from big city fishing and to reconnect deeply with Nature. Check in at the Alberta Parks office to pick up your Day pass, other wise your gonna have a bad time....besides paying your fees does help keep the park space running smoother and rehabilitation projects through out Alberta Parks. Check out! Scroll Images from our adventure Autumn of 2022


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